Bulk Window Tint Films

Bulk Window Film

We provide our customers with the best possible window film on the market today by carrying two different brands of window films. To make it easy, we have selected the most common colors used in commercial, residential and automotive window tint. The colors are approved for all window types and will not cause glass breakage or seal failure in extreme heat. These films will dramatically reduce your solar energy bill and will have immediate results.

How To Measure Your Windows

Prior to measuring your window, please look at your window frame to see if there are plastic seam covers around the edge of the window. These are removable and should not be included in your measurement. Many new windows manufactured over the last few years have these covers.

After you inspect the window, measure the full height and width of the glass to the exact inch and fraction of an inch. Do not include the window frame or the plastic seam covers in your measurement.

If you have any questions about measuring your windows, please contact us so we can help you through this process.