FAQ Residential and Commercial Window Tint

Frequently Asked Questions:   Residential and Commercial Films – Solar Gard


What is the warranty on the films? Please view the Solar Gard warranty information here: Warranty Info

How do I choose a shade?  The lower the number, the darker the shade.  For example 05% is darker than 15%.  The most popular shades for residential and commercial are 20% and 35%. 

What color film should I buy?   Stainless Steel series is going to be the most popular for performance and looks.  Stainless steel has a grey-toned look to it with low reflectivity.  The Silver and Bronze series have the most heat rejection available, but have high reflectivity.  Silver series looks like a mirror while the Bronze series is bronze in color.  

What sizes do you carry?  In most shades we carry 36", 48", 60" and 72" widths.  A normal roll is 100' in length, however we offer them cut down to 25' increments.   

What starter tools do you recommend?  We recommend that you visit the "Tool Packages" section.  http://www.windowfilmsupplies.com/tint-tools-1/tool-packages.html 


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