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Solar Gard - Decorative Window Films

Solar Gard® decorative films. Solar Gard decorative films are a cost effective privacy solution that is flexible and achieves some truly outstanding results. Clear Frost film offers a much more affordable solution than glass etching and the design can be easily and inexpensively updated when fashions change. The opaque films offer the next step in privacy. Black opaque offers a complete blackout for very high security. Solar Gard decorative window film offers unlimited options to designers to create beautiful, unique designs for any business whether for attracting attention or to subtly improving privacy. Designs unique to the company can be created or there are thousands of template designs for stunning finishes. For example, the clear frost window film can be installed on the same window as the white or black opaque to give it a dimensional appearance. Decorative films can be cut in 10 foot increments.

Sentinel™ Outside Weatherable Tints

Solar Gard® outside weatherable films are ideal for windows that have low-E, laminated glass or wired glass. Outside weatherable films are great for windows that have high risk of glass breakage and if the interior window is un-reachable. These films have a limited warranty due to the film being outside. Outside window film has a 7 year vertical and a 5 year horizontal warranty.

TrueVue Window Films

Solar Gard® TrueVue dual reflective window film provides optimum clarity for stunning exterior views day and night TrueVue comes in four different shades and provides you with a choice in visual appearance and solar performance. Helps to increase your interior daytime privacy and controls hot spots and uneven temperature zones whilst reducing both the cost of air conditioning and your carbon footprint. TrueVue films can reject up to 82% heat and up to 94% glare reduction.